Joseph Carroll

Guest Editor’s Introduction



1. The Evolutionary Turn in Psychology and the Humanities

Gordon H. Orians

Metaphors, Models, and Modularity

Joseph Carroll

A Darwinian Revolution in the Humanities

2. Politics and Ethics

Theoretical Essays

Harold Fromm

Free As We Need To Be

Jiro Tanaka

Notes Toward a Darwinian Left

Jerry Hoeg

Consilience, Ecocriticism, and Ecological Destruction

Kevin MacDonald

Evolution and a Dual Processing Theory of Culture: Applications to Moral Idealism and Political Philosophy

Kathryn Coe & Craig T. Palmer

From Morality to Law: The role of Kinship, Tradition, and Politics

Michael Ryan

Are Liberals Mutants? Human History as Evolutionary History

Historical Studies

Louis Martin

Anti-Feminism in Early Western Thought: St. Jerome, Evolution, and Culture

Linda L. Carroll

Money, Age, and Marriage in Venice: A Brief Biocultural History

3. Religion

Gordon Burghardt

Review of three books on Evolution and Religion:

The Biology of Religious Behavior: The Evolutionary Origins of Faith and Religion, edited by Jay R. Feierman

The Evolution of Religion: Studies, Theories, and Critiques, edited by Joseph Bulbulia et al.

The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures, by Nicholas Wade

Gordon Burghardt

Review of  two books on Snakes:

Them that Believe. The Power and Meaning of the Christian Serpent-Handling Tradition, by Ralph W. Hood Jr. and W. Paul Williamson

The Fruit, the Tree, and the Serpent: Why We See So Well, by Lynne A. Isbell

Candace S. Alcorta

Biology, Culture, and Religiously Motivated Suicide Terrorism: An Evolutionary Perspective

Christopher W. diCarlo

How Problem Solving and Neurotransmission in the Upper Paleolithic Led to the Emergence and Maintenance of  Memetic Equilibrium in Contemporary World Religions

4. Literature

American Autobiography

Judith P. Saunders

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography: The Story of a Successful Social Animal

Charles Duncan

Ancestral Footprints: An Adaptationist Approach to Vernon Jordan’s Life Story


Dirk Vanderbeke

Rhymes without Reason? Or: The Improbable Evolution of  Poetry

Todd. O. Williams

Review of Masculinity in Four Victorian Epics: A Darwinist Reading, by Clinton Machann

Prose Fiction

Michael Austin

Review of Why We Care about Literary Characters, by Blakey Vermeule

Peter Swirski

Of Morality, Proverbial Wisdom, and Bernard Malamud’s God’s Grace

Kathleen Ragan

Asymmetry in Male and Female Storyteller Priorities: An Analysis by Gender of a Sample of Published Folk Narratives Collected from Storytellers Worldwide

Literary Theory

Brian Boyd

Literature, Evolution, and Cognition ~  Questions, Answers, Questions ~ The Example of Hamlet

John V. Knapp

Review of Literature, Science, and a  New Humanities, by Jonathan Gottschall

Tom Dolack

Imitation and Literary Evolution

5. Music

Stephen Davies

Music, Fire, and Evolution

Brett Cooke

Musical Truth in Musorgsky’s Boris Godunov




Six Essays with Responses and Rejoinders


1. Steve Moxon

Culture IS Biology: Why We Cannot “Transcend”  Our Genes, or Ourselves

Responses by Joseph Carroll and Ian Roberts

Rejoinder by  Steve Moxon


2. Anja Müller-Wood & John Carter Wood

How Is Culture Biological? Violence: Real and Imagined

Responses by Joseph Carroll, John Price, Diana Kornbrot, and Robert Stonjek

Rejoinder by Anja Müller-Wood & John Carter Wood


3. John Scott Price

The Culture of Religious Belief Systems and Changes of  Belief System

Responses by Joseph Carroll, Diana Kornbrot, Anja Müller-Wood & John Carter Wood, and Robert Stonjek

Rejoinder by John Scott Price


4. Peter J. Richerson

Culture Is an Active Part of Biology

Responses by Joseph Carroll, Diana Kornbrot, Anja Müller-Wood &  John Carter  Wood, and Robert Stonjek

Rejoinder by Peter J. Richerson


5. Robert Karl Stonjek

A Brief but Plausible History of Culture

Responses by Joseph Carroll,  Diana Kornbrot, and Anja Müller-Wood & John Carter Wood

Rejoinder by Robert Karl Stonjek


6. Lionel Tiger

Culture As Homeostatic Mechanism

Responses by Joseph Carroll and Robert Karl Stonjek



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