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This new review has just begun to appear on the Actuel Marx en ligne WEB

and is the international version of the review Actuel Marx (CNRS – PUF – Paris-X). It focusses upon original articles in French and other languages. On the site can be found information about the activities of Actuel Marx, and plans for the third conference. (Congrès Marx International III, 26/26 septembre 2001).


A new club on Yahoo called Marxism and Literature has been founded. Its aims are to look at issues around political and aesthetic literature (can the two work together, and to what extent?), and also to what extent Marxist Literature is, or can be, useful as a community tool.

You can find this club at
A general, but very brief, webpage outlines in slightly more detail the main aims, at


Dear Scholar,
At the beginning of this year we set up a web site with a view to creating a network to facilitate communication between scholars from different parts of the world (‘scholars’ in our definition includes everyone directly involved in research and/or academic work – from professors who have published hundreds of learned articles to junior lecturers who have just completed his/her thesis to obtain a post-graduate degree).

Our web site aims to: (a) make scholars at various universities accessible easily internationally. For this purpose we publish ‘scholar-profiles’ providing particulars of scholars and their expertise. A search facility is provided to enable viewers from both academic and non-academic world to identify scholars with particular expertise: (b) make the scholars’ works easily accessible to scholars and potential postgraduate students from around the world. For this purpose the site publishes abstracts of papers published by the scholars. A search facility will be included to facilitate research students and fellow scholars to quickly trace publications that are of interest to them: (c) publicise the research topics that are currently being researched under the scholars’ supervision. A search facility will be provided to enable viewers to search and find the research topics that are of interest to them. Potential research students can use this feature to identify the universities where they can undertake postgraduate studies, and scholars can use this facility to find out whether research is being carried out elsewhere in areas that are of interest to them: (d) facilitate exchange of information between scholars. For this purpose the site contains a section where scholars can post queries, which can be responded to by other scholars: (e) provide a listing of establishments which make research papers available for viewing though the internet: (f) provide a listing of international conferences, seminars and workshops planned to be held at various academic institutions.

We invite you to visit our site at and explore this site. If you are short of time and simply wish to view a few pages, you may do so by clicking on one or more of the following sample pages:
Forthcoming Conferences: Call for Papers: Academic-Profile of Scholar: Consultancy-Profile of Scholar: Research Topics: Abstracts of Publications: Scholars’ Queries: Research Papers Repositories:

After viewing our site if you decide that there would be benefit in including your information also within our site, please send us some initial information by going to the ‘How to Publish’ page at, and then following the guidance given in that page. You may alternatively go directly to and complete the simple form that appears. There is no charge for including your information at our site. We are pleased that since we started setting up the site three months ago over three hundred scholars have already sent information for inclusion within our site, and we hope that you will also send your information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

We are often asked the question why we are repeating the information that is already in the various university web sites. The answer is simply that although the information is already available, it is scattered amongst many university web sites and as a result it is not been possible to find information quickly by carrying out a search. This site is aimed at overcoming this problem.

Minnesota Review: Special Issue devoted to Michael Sprinker

In part stemming from (but not limited to) the conference, “The Legacies of Michael Sprinker,” held under the auspices of the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook last fall, minnesota review is planning a special issue devoted to the various legacies–his teaching, editing, activism, as well as his essays–of Michael Sprinker. Contributions might range from short personal accounts to full length readings of his writing. Tentative deadline for submissions is 1 November 2001, to be published (funding willing) spring/summer 2002.

In solidarity,
Jeff Williams
Dept of English
Univ of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65201

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