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Whose Left, Which War? A Comment from Jerusalem

When Gabriel Brahm suggested I write a review-essay concerning Michael Bérubé’s The Left at War, I was intrigued, both tempted and apprehensive. So I read it, and it made fascinating reading. After finishing, though, I realized that my hesitations were well founded. As I was working my way through the approximately three hundred pages of this dense and sometimes hermetic (for me) text, it was becoming ever-clearer that the best I can do is share with the reader a few reflections, impressions, puzzlements and questions, which arose during my reading. In other words, what follows is not a “review” in the habitual sense of the word, but a response to Bérubé. I shall not weigh the force of all the arguments, nor shall I measure the accuracy of the empirical evidence given to support them. I shall also not comment on the overall coherence or reasonableness of the general position nor judge its truthfulness.  I want to discuss instead some things that concern me about the book.

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