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The Left at the Moment: An Interview with Michael Bérubé

Part I/Politics in the U.S. Today: What Time is It? Gabriel Noah Brahm: In early 2009, when The Left at War had just come out, Barack Obama was inaugurated and George W. Bush was finally out of office.  Those were heady days.  The right seemed to be on the run, as you put it in […]

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For Liberalism & Thinking Politically Again: Reflections Inspired by Michael Bérubé’s "The Left at War"

Finally, a book on and from the left that constitutes, as a certain sort of Englishman might say, a “proper” bit of thinking! Or, as a certain sort of lawyer might say, an “actionable” analysis and argument, that is, a book which can serve as a basis for action—and thinking politically again. In addition to […]

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GUEST EDITORS' INTRODUCTION: Toward a Post-Manichean Left

For Christopher Hitchens—the Left at War with Himself What follows are nine essays inspired by Michael Berube’s book of 2009, The Left at War (NYU Press), prefaced by Nick Cohen’s shot at dealing in brief with some of the same issues, which he takes on at greater length in his book of 2007, What’s Left? […]

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9/11, Moral Equivalence & Appropriate Response: Reflections on "Left" Reactions

With the recent announcement by members of the Bush administration that Cuba is on the list of possible targets in the ongoing war on terror, and the release of the latest US military budget which is greater than the military budgets of the next 15 highest spending countries combined(!), it is perhaps time to reflect […]

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