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Monsanto Rules: Science, Government, and Seed Monopoly


Keywords: Monsanto, regulation, seed monopoly, genetic modification

THE CATALOGUE OF DOCUMENTARY FILMS exploring the ethics of global capital and corporate control has received a noteworthy addition from France.  Marie-Monique Robin’s The World According to Monsanto was co-produced by the European Arte Network and the Canadian National Film Board. While the information presented in the film is thoroughly researched, the filmmaker’s approach makes is accessible to a wide audience. Throughout the film, Robin searches Google, keying in phrases such as “Monsanto PCB [polychlorinated biphenyls],” “Roundup biodegradable,” and “Monsanto farmers patent infringement,” and then follows these digital leads. In other words, she sets out to learn about Monsanto as an average citizen would, but then investigates the company further by unearthing documents and talking to scientists, farmers, and citizens in several countries including the United States, UK, Scotland, Paraguay, France, India, and Mexico.

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