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Michael Perelman, On globalization, economics, and the history of food crises

Michael Perelman is a prolific and compelling scholar of contemporary economics and politics who teaches at California State University in Chico.  He has published 19 books on a wide variety of topics.  Graduating with a degree in agricultural economics, questions of the global inequalities of food production and distribution, both past and present, led Perelman’s […]

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Max Haiven, Food, finance, crisis, catalyst: global capitalism and the revolutionary value of food sovereignty

I. The problem, once again… At risk of being obviously unfashionable or unfashonably obvious, the problem with food in the world today is capitalism. Particularly, it is a form of capitalism that imposes uniquely local but ubiquitously global forms of market sovereignty over more and more aspects of our lives. Food, which names the spectre […]

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