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The Empire of Wealth II–Differential Economics

Friends upset by my criticism of Empire (see issue one, 2001) have asked me to explain myself. So to explain myself: I think Empire is a backward-looking book that unfortunately repeats the faults of intolerance, prejudice, and closed-mindedness that characterize a recent tradition of Marxist writing on post-modernism that is usually referred to as “Left […]

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Are Liberals Mutants? Human History As Evolutionary History

Abstract A change in human culture occurred across Eurasia in the 6th century BCE.  A new form of non-sensory cognition is evident in laws, governmental institutions, moral philosophy, and art.  That change was due to an epigenetic modification in response to human-made environmental pressures.  Assortative mating assured the change was unequally distributed.  Human history records […]

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