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Evelyn Ch’ien on Weird English

English Is Getting Weirder. R We? By Evelyn Nien-Ming Ch’ien Evelyn Ch’ien is the author of Weird English (Harvard University Press, 2004) English is getting weirder. Many of the same catalysts for the stretching, breaking, and reconstruction of English is happening to all utterance that we call speech and mark-making that we call writing. In […]

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Dohra Ahmad on Rotten English

“This is Ma Trooth” By Dohra Ahmad Excerpted from Rotten English: A Literary Anthology, edited by Dohra Ahmad. Copyright (c) 2007 by Dohra Ahmad. With permission from the publisher, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. One day as I was compiling material for this anthology, I sat in a train station in Jamaica, Queens reading Paul […]

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Mandakini Dubey on the Trooth of Defiance

Review of Dohra Ahmad (ed.), Rotten English: A Literary Anthology (New York and London: W. W. Norton & Company, 2007). By Mandakini Dubey It may be in English: but often it is in an English which is like a howl, or a shout or a machine-gun or the wind or a wave. Kamau Brathwaite, History […]

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William Castro: Notes on Modernization as Crime

Notes on Modernization as Crime William Castro In The Globalisation of Crime: Understanding Transnational Relationships in Context (1999), which “charts th[e] evolution” of “crime and its traditional boundaries […] into predictable and active features of globalisation,” the criminologist Mark Findlay argues that “[c]rime operates amongst the other market solvents in globalisation, and as such may […]

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Rashna Wadia Richards: Re-Viewing Cinephilia

Re-Viewing Cinephilia: The Movement and the Moment Rashna Wadia Richards Perhaps it is not cinema which has ended but only cinephilia—the name of the distinctive kind of love that cinema inspired. —Susan Sontag, “A Century of Cinema” If we toss away an older theory like an old dress or a used car, we lose an […]

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Andrew Cornell: Pre-Empting Dissent

Pre-Empting Dissent Andrew Cornell I couldn’t tell whether it was the officer’s boot or knee that was pinning my head to the sidewalk as another cop cinched my arms together behind my back with plastic ties. I could tell that all around me people were running and yelling, panicked, and that the friends I had […]

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Jeannie Yoo: Metaphorical Theories and Imaginative Criticality

Metaphorical Theories And Imaginative Criticality The Many Possibilities Of “Friction” (2005) Jeannie Yoo What is “Friction”? One way to answer this question is to begin with what Anna Tsing’s recently published ethnography is about: “Something shocking began to happen to Indonesia’s rainforests during the last decades of the twentieth century. Species diversities that had taken […]

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Pat Larter from Kitchen to Gallery

Among the many works by the artist Richard Larter in the National Gallery of Australia, are four works catalogued as ‘Femail art, 1975’ (NGA Accessions register 80.1136 – 80.1139). These were donated by Daniel Thomas, who was then senior Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery. The National Gallery of Australia does not claim […]

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The Political Philosophy of Needs

In The Political Philosophy of Needs, Lawrence Hamilton contends that ‘[m]odern moral, legal, economic and political thought is characterized by an unwarranted glorification of the values of justice and welfare at the expense of political participation, democratic sovereignty, and the satisfaction of human needs’ (1). Hamilton’s most basic point is thus that political philosophy has […]

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Action Chicks

Recent cinematic adaptations of female superheroes, such as 2004’s Catwoman and Elektra, were unsuccessful at the box office, and film critics found them largely without merit. However, fans of the comic books of the same names lay the blame for this on the films deviating too far from the original characters, rather than as a […]

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